It’s Not Just About Cutting Keys: Part Five

Safes & Auto Locks: For best service, find a specialist locksmith

It’s the last part of Alba Locksmiths‘ five-part series and by now you know that a locksmith’s life is definitely not just about cutting keys, but here’s some more info for you.

Both safes and auto locks can involve knowledge of technical details and specialist equipment, so it is often advisable to search for a locksmith specialising in these areas.


Every household and every business needs a safe and most locksmiths can advise you on the right safe for your needs and your budget.  You may also need to consider any legal or insurance requirements when talking to your locksmith about safe options.

Data safes will keep your documents and computer backups safe from fire and theft.  Security safes are for keeping your valuables safe.  Smaller safes can be secured to walls and floors to prevent theft of the actual safe.

A specialist locksmith, like Alba Locksmiths, will understand how to install, repair, maintain, gain entry to your safe, and how to re-code it.  They will have the specialist tools required for the job and will use their expertise to gain access to your safe with minimal damage wherever possible.  You’ll need to allow your locksmith some time as opening a safe takes time, patience, and knowledge.

Where damage has been unavoidable, or where a safe needs repair, or to be removed, the expert locksmith is the person to turn to.

Auto Locks

Car Locksmith

Gaining access to a locked vehicle with specialist equipment

All locksmiths should be able to gain access to a vehicle if, for instance, you’ve locked your keys inside the vehicle or the keys have been stolen.  All locksmiths can remove a broken key from the lock or ignition, but not all locksmiths could cut you a new key for your modern car.

This is because modern cars (since about 1995) use ‘transponder’ keys.  The portmanteau word ‘transponder’ is a mix of transmitter & responder.  Your key remote transmits a signal to your car which responds by disabling the immobiliser or alarm and opening the car.  Every key is programmed to open one vehicle only.  If a key is used to open the vehicle rather than the transponder then the vehicle’s alarm will be activated and the vehicle rendered immobile.

While a key may be cut by most lockmiths, it’s the transponder part of the key that requires a specialist with the equipment to code up the new key correctly.  Specialist equipment is also required for re-coding the vehicle and transponder where keys have been stolen.  In this instance the re-coding is needed so that the stolen keys cannot be used on the vehicle.

All this specialist equipment plus the specialist auto key and remote can lead to a large bill should you require any of this, so look after your transponder keys and ensure your spare is in a safe place….like a safe!!!


So you’re done & fully armed with stacks of information about how a locksmith will help you out, but fear not, Alba Locksmiths will have more blogs, just watch this space.

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