Why Having a Safe is a Great Idea

This blog post is for YOU.  It's about safes. Have a read, if you will. It’s bad enough when thieves break into your property, and even worse when they take irreplaceable, sentimentally important items.  Gut-wrenching. The emotional impact is devastating, but maybe could have been avoided had the most important items been in a safe. [...]

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A ‘KISS’ Guide to Master Key Systems

This blog covers the beauty of the Master Key System and how it can simplify access to multiple areas, while also improving security. Put very simply, Master Key Systems are locksmiths’ “magic” way of turning a bunch of keys into just one key that has all the access that your old bunch of keys gave [...]

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It’s Not Just About Cutting Keys: Part Five

Safes & Auto Locks: For best service, find a specialist locksmith It's the last part of Alba Locksmiths' five-part series and by now you know that a locksmith's life is definitely not just about cutting keys, but here's some more info for you. Both safes and auto locks can involve knowledge of technical details and [...]

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It’s Not Just About Cutting Keys: Part Four

Commercial Security: Thwarting break-ins, protecting assets You're four blogs into Alba's five-part series giving you some exciting and juicy exclusives about what locksmiths can do to help you.... Commercial premises are popular targets with burglars and there are many ways in which locksmiths can help you secure your business against any attempted burglary. In previous [...]

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It’s Not Just About Cutting Keys: Part Three

Home Security: The Essentials Part three of Alba Locksmiths' five-part series that leaves you amazed at the amount of great things a locksmith can do for you.  You never knew that they were so talented did you? Most of us aren’t really that worried about our home’s security, but burglaries are happening every day.  There [...]

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It’s Not Just About Cutting Keys: Part Two

Managing the locked out, keys missing, broken key types of predicament Continuing Alba Locksmiths' five-part series into the mysterious and little-known world of the locksmith..... When you find yourself in a situation where you need a locksmith in a hurry, then please don’t panic; you will find someone to help you.  In this blog we’ll [...]

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