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Locked Out Of Your House? We Can Help

If we attend your site and we can’t get you into your building, then we won’t charge you a cent…and that’s a promise!

Get in touch today – 0800 46 2522 (0800 GO ALBA)

Key Cutting Service – We’ll come to you

Our key cutting service is on site, so we will come to you to cut your keys.

This saves your time and means you can check that keys work (and they will!) when we are finished.

We cut keys using modern machinery that not only improves accuracy in cutting but is a lot quieter than the older machines. It’s all part of our Auckland residential locksmith service.

Lock-out Service – No Access; No Charge

If you’re locked out, give Alba Locksmiths a call and we’ll get to you with haste and gain entry to your property.

If we can’t get you in, we won’t charge you a cent. You’ll never waste your money with Alba.

East Tamaki Locksmith
This is our Mobile Key Cutter….It’ll cut all your keys saving you from having to arrange this.

Supply and Fit – If it opens, we can fit a lock on it!

Whatever your requirement, be it door, window, gate, drawer, hatch, boat, trailer, whatever, we can secure it for you.

Access Control / Keyless Entry – It’s time to get excited…

‘Access Control’ is the big thing in the Locksmith World, very exciting. We can supply & fit stand alone or integrated digital and combination locks to your premises. There are many, many options available so there will be something for your specific requirements and budget.

Master Key Systems – More access control….more excitement

This is a keying system tailored to your needs and controls access through differently cut keys, with one key, the Master Key, able to access all locks. See more on our Restricted Key Systems page.

Repairs – Faulty, damaged or worn locks could be repaired

It’s not always possible, but we can often repair your locks. You may also want us to quote for some new locks.

Emergency Locksmith Howick
If it opens…we can fit a lock to it.

Re-keying Service – Lost, stolen or misplaced your keys?

You don’t always need new locks, you just need a locksmith to re-key your existing locks and provide you with new keys to fit those locks. We’ll let you know if a re-key is not possible.

You may want to take this opportunity to upgrade your existing locks and we can advise you on the best products for your needs and budget.

Or, you could have your locks ‘keyed alike’ to reduce the number of keys you need to have. Just ask and our locksmiths can advise you.

We strongly suggest that if you have recently moved premises (into home, office, etc., rented or owned) that you have all the locks re-keyed, where possible, when you take possession of the property, just to ensure your security.

Re-keying could save you money. Ask our Locksmith about re-keying.

Security Check and Quotation – FREE & with no obligation

Our locksmiths will come to your home to conduct a free security check of your premises and give you honest advice to suit your needs. We can also quote on any work you may want doing and there is no obligation for you to accept the quote.

Safes – Protect your important documents and belongings

Such handy things are safes and yet so often not called upon. We highly recommend that you purchase and use a safe to stow away all your important documents and valuable belongings.

The market provides an enormous range of products such as gun cabinets, fire-rated safes, cash-rated safes, drug cabinets, data protection safes, key storage cabinets…..and many more. There is a safe that fits your needs.

Alarms & CCTV – Additional security for your property

Did you know that the best footage you can get of people is their side profile? It is often the most successful view in terms of having an identifiable image of someone. We can take care of the design, installation and servicing for you.

Swimming Pool Locks – Regulation-friendly locks

We can supply and fit locks for restricting access to swimming pools that comply with current regulations.

Get in touch today – 0800 46 2522 (0800 GO ALBA)

Locked out of your house?

Get a security check done and give yourself some piece of mind that you’ll be safe