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Commercial Locksmith Services For Auckland

When it comes to Locksmithing, we do everything for Commercial Businesses that we do for Residential, but we’re fairly sure your main interest will be in controlling access as to who can get into what and where on your business premises.

With that in mind we would direct you to our Restricted Key Systems page for a full description of how these systems can help your business. Click here for our Restricted Key Systems Page

In addition, we can supply and fit:

  • Door guards and anti-jemmy bars; use these to thwart the efforts of a burglar with a crow bar.
  • Gate security; from padlocks to combination locks.
  • Fire regulations-compliant locks.
  • Safety lockout padlocks.
  • Security grills for your windows.
  • Bollards – the type fitted in front of doors to prevent ram-raiding.
  • Door closers
  • Safes; we supply, fit and service all types of safe.

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Re-keying locksmith service

We also have a commercial re-keying service – So, Fear not if you’ve lost, had stolen or misplaced your keys?

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