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Restricted Key Systems Including Master Key Systems

The security of your property – buildings, possessions, records, etc. – is vital so when you hand out keys to others, such as employees and tradies (tradespeople) you increase the risk of unauthorised access to that property through the duplication of your keys.

Locksmiths have a solution to this: the Restricted Key System.  This offers you a secure way to distribute keys as they cannot be copied without the correct written authorisation.  For further security, each key has its own identifying code stamped on it.

With this system you have greater control over who can access what area of your property as it is designed to your specific needs.

Master Key systems offer further security as they are designed with a hierarchy that allows different access levels depending on the user of each key.  You will see examples of these below. Click here to download a PDF example of a Master Key System

Scroll down to see our examples of Restricted Master Key systems.

You will see that even though Bob has his fingers in many a pie he could also have a key that gets him into everything.


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