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Airport Oaks Locksmith

Need A Locksmith Fast & You’re Located At Airport Oaks Industrial Area?

If your business is based at Airport Oaks and you need a Locksmith, Alba Locksmiths can help.

We’re based near the airport so we can get to you in a hurry.

We’re based near the airport so we can get to you FAST!
This is our mobile key cutting machine – we’ll cut all your keys onsite so there’s no delay in your security
Lost your keys or had them stolen? – our re-keying service will get you secure fast.

No Access; No Charge! Call 0800 46 2522 (0800 GO ALBA)

Plus, we carry pretty much everything we’ll ever need to get your locks fixed or re-fitted fast.

We even have a mobile key cutting machine in our vans so we can cut new keys for you onsite at your premises. These can be tested there and then in your locks to make sure they work properly without delays or messing around.

We also have a commercial re-keying service – So, fear not if you’ve lost, had stolen, or misplaced your keys. We can help.

If you want to take your security to the next level we have a Restricted Key System and Master Key System which is perfect for high-risk businesses located at Airport Oaks.

Giving keys out to employees and tradesman can undermine your business security – who knows if they’re making copies of your keys?

Alba Locksmiths have a solution to this: the Restricted Key System.  This offers you a secure way to distribute keys as they cannot be copied without the correct written authorisation.  For further security, each key has its own identifying code stamped on it.

With this system, you have greater control over who can access what area of your property as it is designed to your specific needs and it’s very very secure.

Please click here to learn more about our Restricted Key System service

Here are some of the other Locksmith and security services we can provide you with:

  • Door guards and anti-jemmy bars; use these to thwart the efforts of a burglar with a crow bar.
  • Gate security from padlocks to combination locks.
  • Fire regulations-compliant locks.
  • Safety lockout padlocks.
  • Security grills for your windows.
  • Bollards – the type fitted in front of doors to prevent ram-raiding.

Call us today for a fast Locksmith Service for the Airport Oaks area

Call 0800 46 2522 (0800 GO ALBA)

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